Mayhem Spreads out to the Old Capital’s Curassow Street

hand with gunThe mayhem spread to Curassow Street an hour and a half later as 25 year old Derrick Parham was gunned down blocks from his home at the corner with Iguana Street in the third murder of the day.

9 mm. Expended shellLaw enforcement agents say that Parham was walking with his aunt when upon reaching the corner of Iguana and Curassow Street, a sudden red four door car drove up and stopped next to them.  A “dark skinned” man in dreadlocks and wearing a red and white shirt exited the vehicle and fired a single shot in the direction of Mr. Parham, causing the deadly injury.

From the scene, an agent of the law retrieved a 9 x 19 S & B 9 mm. expended shell.   Mr. Parham let go his last breath at 10:00 p.m.  The cops are investigating his murder.

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