Mayor Bradley explains delays in Belize City street renovations






Works have stopped on Baymen Avenue, Belize City,  for weeks now, maybe a month. On Wednesday we asked Mayor Darrell Bradley why the works have stopped and he explains that the council has encountered some difficulties.

Mayor Darrell Bradley:
vlcsnap-2013-09-19-08h42m04s199The flood mitigation project wants to do a drainage aspect from a canal that’s located under Douglas Jones Street and they want to route that canal either through Wilson Street or through Calle Al Mar and then they want to take it out to the sea. There is a certain part of the street then that we have to leave so that they could be able to access that. There is a delay in relation to the contractor just bringing the process, but we still have to coordinate with other elements so that when the City Council is doing Baymen Avenue, we have to link that with other projects that are going on in the City. It’s not that this is causing us a delay but it’s a issue that we have to deal with. We have to look at the contractors in terms of making sure that they make progress to time.  We have to look at the other projects that are going on around that area.  For example, we want to do Douglas Jones Street, but one of the issues with Douglas Jones Street is to ensure that there is proper access way for this drainage.

vlcsnap-2013-09-19-08h43m24s215Similarly, works have stopped near the Princess Casino and BTL Park; the  Mayor told us why.

Mayor Darrell Bradley:

I have toured BTL Park. I have looked at it. They are making substantial progress. That park will be finish by the first week in December. We are beset by rains, we are beset by a lot of other factors.  For example; parts of the park has to be wired appropriately. A lay person may go and look at the park and say that they see anybody there, so that means nothing is happening. They don’t know that work is also happening. One of the reasons why we are delayed on a lot of our streets is because we are coordinating very appropriately with the utility companies, and they have to do their thing before we can move ahead.  So I understand in relation to business.  I understand that we are causing a lot of inconvenience, but a lot of these streets were in a very bad condition in the first place, and when we are doing these improvements you will have a street that will last twenty to thirty years.  So you won’t have this problem.

vlcsnap-2013-09-19-08h43m30s23Certainly, one of the streets that has received much complaint from Belize City residents for the past few weeks is the New Road. This is due to the fact that several vehicles have been reportedly damaged by the wooden grates covering the manholes. Mayor Bradley addressed this issue as well.

Mayor Darrell Bradley:

Usually what happens is that those manholes have to be accessed at the very last date until the street is finished.  When the contractors go through the streets they put these wooden coverings only temporarily, and then they  put the grill coverings at the end of the street.  If you see every single street that the City Council does, you will notice that all the manholes are iron manholes.  One of the problems that we have with the iron manholes is that sometimes people steal them.  But we have adopted the policy of putting in place iron manholes.  That street has not been signed off yet.  It will be signed off when everything is completed, including the iron manholes. New Road is 95% complete.  They still have to do some clean-up works, and they have to replace the manholes, and that will be done within a week’s period.  

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