Mayor Bradley Missed Deadline to Run Again

Earlier this week Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley asked for time to formulate a response as to whether he would run for a second term. The simple fact of the matter is that, by his own admission as he told us today, he missed the Monday, March 31 deadline to file papers declaring his intent.

vlcsnap-2014-04-04-18h05m47s255Reporter:  “But you knew that there is a deadline to submit your name”.

Mayor Darrell Bradley:  “Yes, yeah”.

Reporter:  “So, you intentionally did not submit any name”.

Mayor Darrell Bradley:  I don’t think that it was a willful thing,  but I didn’t submit the application”.

So how did the Mayor miss the deadline? He chalks it up to not being as important as what he is doing right now.

Reporter:  “The question is not the application whether or not you are going to run for mayor.  The question is, are you going to run for mayor, yes or no?”

Mayor Darrell Bradley:  “It is not a yes or no question”.

Reporter:  “The matter is, now that you have missed the deadline, can you still apply to run for mayor in the city”.

Mayor Darrell Bradley:  “No man, no man; all of those are not things that I decide.  None of those are things that…you can ask me about waste control because I ma the mayor; you can ask me about streets, about drains, about property tax, you can ask me about trade licence, about anything that is in the portfolio of the mayor.  you can ask me if it is my wish to run again and I will tell you yes. I think that  we are making a difference in the city and every single resident of Belize City is telling me that they can see a market difference in the quality of life  in Belize City versus two years ago.  That is something that motivate me to go forward.  But you are telling me about an election and I am telling you about the continued work that we have to do in City Hall, and I want to make that a priority, and I want that to be my only concern rather than an election”.

There are two declared candidates, former deputy mayors Dion Leslie and Bernard Q. Pitts Jr., as former councilor Leila Peyrefitte is reported to have withdrawn.

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