Mayor Bradley responds to PUP allegations

vlcsnap-2013-09-20-08h23m49s70Earlier this week the People’s United Party accused the Belize City Council of embarking on a smear campaign against its supporters by publishing notices in both the UDP and independent organs that they owe property taxes. The PUP charge that these so-called false publications can be viewed as defamatory and warn the independent media to investigate the notices prior to printing. The Council uses the printing of arrears lists as a means of enforcement, but in response to the PUP’s charges Mayor Darrell Bradley acknowledges that some of their records are in error because the persons shown as owners of the property in some cases transferred that property to someone else but neglected to inform either the Council or Lands Department. However, he denies any political motive and says the arrears lists do not come to him personally or the Council for review to avoid political mischief. City Hall has undertaken a one-year audit process during which it intends to clean up the list in conjunction with the Lands Department. Meanwhile, one person who was so wronged has been informed that a public apology will be given as the Council’s records were found to be in error on his part.

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