Mayor Bradley says all help is welcome to fix Belize City Streets

vlcsnap-2013-10-30-07h52m25s33The Belize City Council has been revered for its tough approach to addressing the immediate fixing of over 100 streets under the Municipal Bond program. Now the Government is getting in on the act with works of its own. Mayor Darrell Bradley tells us more.

vlcsnap-2013-10-29-07h51m56s48Mr. Darrel Bradley- Mayor of Belize City

“The Prime Minister had indicated in the meeting that I had; the meeting was about infrastructure; it had nothing to do with sanitation.   The Prime Minister had announced this in his Independence Day speech that he was committed to undertaking works in municipalities throughout the country, including in Belize.   So, that we expect, that the Prime Minister’s commitment that he made on Independence Day will come through, and that they are very serious about continuing the works that we have done in the city, he made no comments in terms of figures; he threw out figures in relation to what could be done in Belize City, continuing some of the works that we have been doing,   Of course you know that the central government has started the Lake Independence Boulevard Project.   That’s a project that is in-pouring 400 people continuously; that‘s a major investment in infrastructure and we are welcoming of his support and we only expect that that support will continue and increase”.

We have also been told that the Council is reluctant to take much help from Central Government for fear of giving up its autonomy. But the Mayor declared that from whatever quarter, help is needed, urgently.

Reporter:   “Those resources, they are saying that because you didn’t have control of the finance; it’s done through the Ministry of Works “.

Mayor Darrel Bradley:   “No man, no man.    I can’t reject any project.   If the Ministry of Works wants to do a project, the Ministry of Works can do a project”.

“The Ministry of Works is presently doing the Flood Mitigation Project, the Ministry of Works is doing through SAFE, they are doing the Buttonwood Bay Drainage Project.   You can see; you can look at the street right now.   Any help in relation to any street, we need it and we need it desperately yesterday, so, that, I will never ever reject any assistance from anybody…central government, international agencies…from anybody!   Even businesses; a lot of the projects that we are doing in Belize City are being co-sponsored by members of the public.   So, I don’t know what you are asking me, Giovanni”.

While we have been hearing of the number of streets that have been cemented so far in Belize City, very little is still know about the total miles of streets that have been cemented; especially since City streets have varying lengths.

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