Mayor Darrell Bradley awaits word from absent Councilor Eric Chang

vlcsnap-2013-10-29-07h49m49s46The wayward former deputy Mayor of Belize City Eric Chang continues to be absent from his duties at City Hall. He still has not responded to the entreaties of Mayor Darrell Bradley to explain his involvement, if any, in the visa and passport scandal that broke in September. And while he is not in imminent danger of losing his job, he is losing the patience of his boss, the Mayor. The Mayor says that while he remains eager to talk to his colleague, City business will not stop for anyone, Eric Chang included. And while he no longer has any duties as a Councilor, Mr Chang still collects his stipend. Or rather, it is deposited into his bank account. The Mayor’s curiosity about Eric Chang, he told us on Wednesday, does not extend to his private affairs except as they touch on City Hall’s affairs. The Mayor, the City, and the nation await word from Councilor Chang, who needs three more unexcused absences from Council meetings to trigger the loss of his seat

Reporter:  “What is happening with Mr. Chang?”

vlcsnap-2013-11-07-08h57m01s29Mayor Darrel Bradley:   “The situation with that is that we just don’t know.   We had made our decision as it relates to his removal from Deputy Mayor, we have made our decision in relation to removing him from his work portfolio and other portfolios at the City Council.   We communicated that to him in writing; we tried to reach him in the telephone, and since that meeting which was about two weeks ago, we have had absolutely no communication with councilor Chang.  That’s unsustainable and the reality is that if he allows that to persist, he will be in trouble in relation to the disqualification of his seat because the business of the City needs to go on.”

Reporter:  “How does money reach to his account? “

Mayor Darrel Bradley:   “His check is deposited into his account”.

Reporter:  “Have you verified if anyone has collected those monies?”

Mayor Darrel Bradley:   “How would I have access to his bank account?   Be realistic that that has to do with a bank and the private sector!  Eric Chang’s responsibility is Eric Chang’s responsibility.   I could tell you that I am doing certain things for the people of Belize City.   If you ever have a problem with Eric Chang, ask Eric Chang”.

Reporter:  “But he hasn’t presented himself”.

Mayor Darrel Bradley:   “So, it’s my fault that he is not here?”

Reporter:  “No, sir”.

Mayor Darrel Bradley:   “That’s him.   When he comes, ask him”.

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