Mayor Darrell Bradley may not run for second term

Belize City Mayor, Darrell Bradley says he may not run for second term. The term of a City Council is three years and surely thoughts must be turning to the 2015 campaign. But Mayor Darrell Bradley is not at all sure whether he will run for a second term. He explained that he wants to achieve what he set out to do in this term.

Belize City Mayor DARRELL BRADLEY:
I, myself, am not worried re-election.  I am worried about dealing with the business that the people elected me to do. From day one we were very aggressive in wanting to show the members of the public that we’re serious in delivering on streets, infrastructure, job creation, quality of life issues, and we have been very much on point delivering on issues of accountability and transparency, in showing that we bid contracts, in showing that there is a proper tendering process, in showing that we have auditors in place.  So I’m primarily concerned in delivering to residents of the public, and whoever runs in the next Election… that’s for that time. I’m not focusing on that time.  I’m focusing on the now and delivering on the pledges that we made in the campaign.

In related news, the City Council has also elected a new Deputy Mayor. He is Councillor Eric Chang. Chang has been elected for a one year term, Mayor Bradley tells us more.

Belize City Mayor DARRELL BRADLEY:
EricChangThere is a new Deputy Mayor, and we’re pleased to announce that Eric Chang has been selected as the Deputy Mayor. I think that he will bring a lot of energy.  He’s a very hard worker.  He’s somebody who is on the ground. The selection of Eric Chang was unanimous.  We’re trying to work together very closely as a team in the City Council.  When we had voted for Deon Leslie on our last Election, he was unanimously voted, and now also when we’re dealing with Eric, his selection was also unanimous. We’re trying to go ahead with that. I think that he will bring a lot of experience. His background being a Taiwanese-Belizean also adds to the diversity of our Council and our politics in Belize, and I’m very excited about his appointment to the post of Deputy Mayor.

Chang has been elected as a City Councilor for two terms.

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