Mayoral Debate in Belmopan

The Evangelical Association, Belmopan Branch  and PlusTV have agreed to collaborate in hosting a Belmopan Mayoral Debate.  The Debate will be held on Thursday, February 26 , 7 pm at the George Price Center and will be broadcasted Nationally on PlusTV and via web streaming at

Official Letters went out to the 5 mayoral Candidates on Tuesday,  though informal request were made to all candidates several weeks ago. PlusTV has so far received Official commitment from four of the five candidates.

Candidates will be able to bring their 6 councillor candidates and 25 party supporters to the event.

If you would like to attend the event as a Resident or interested party please pick up a ticket from plusTV on Bens Bluff Street.

PlusTV has selected Ms Shirlette Lopez, a former PlusNews Anchor,  as the Moderator for Thursday Night’s Belmopan Mayoral Debate.

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