Measures being taken at WRH to curb infestation problems

vlcsnap-2015-09-22-19h17m33s178Now with all this bad publicity coming not only from the local media but from international media, how is the hospital responding?  In several interviews conducted over the week,  the Ministry of health authorities effectively divorced themselves from the Western Regional Hospital saying the incidents should lie squarely on the management of the Western Regional hospital. On Friday, the hospital administration took the decision to evacuate all the food vendors from the hospital ground; until further notice. That eviction was effective today. In an interview on Friday,  Senior Health Inspector for the Western Regional Hospital, Mark Bernard ,spoke to us about the other measures the hospital is taking in hopes of alleviating the rat situation.

vlcsnap-2015-09-22-19h15m22s152Mark Bernard: I had mentioned previously that there are different holes that needs to be properly sealed. There are some doors, some entrance ways that we need to do some repairs to. Of course the compound to be kept extremely low cut and very clean. Garbage needs to be, and by garbage I mean waste of food, that’s the technical term for it. That has to be properly stored and disposed. We make sure that we’ll remove the garbage at least 3 times a week, or as soon as the bin, it is carted away. We are discovering the staff from having food in the hospital. There is a cutoff point in which we put food in the waste bin and so these are some of things we are doing in trying to control the rodent measures. As well as setting of baits and traps outside the hospital first, and then we will start inside.  

Mark Bernard also told us that they have since brought in a pest exterminator to attack the problem head on.

Mark Bernard: Well I think he has been working here for about, before the incident with the baby nuh. He was brought in a little after the pantry there nuh, but like I said it’s not an overnight thing. We have not been seeing rodents about the compound, which is a good sign. However, that does not mean that they are not within the hospital, and there are other areas within the hospital that they can have access. So we’re looking to close off all the access points so that to minimize the possibility of them getting in to the building. And then we’re doing work on the exterior to make sure we keep the population low and so they don’t have much place outside the hospital.

The Ministry of Health has stated their hopes and intentions of building a brand new state of the art hospital in Belmopan as a long term solution to this and many others problems plaguing the Western Regional Hospital.

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