Media asking for Yellowman’s assault to be addressed by police

Yellowman’s behavior included a threat to throw a channel 7 camera man over the balcony, stoning our plusnews camera man with an object, and grabbing the Krem journalist’s camera while threatening to throw it to the ground.  As we told you yesterday, our plusnews camera man made an official police report against Audinet. Today, Krem’s General Manager, Nuri Muhammed, wrote an official letter to Belmopan OC Howell Gillett referencing yesterday’s unruly behavior by Audinet in the House and specifically his assault of Krem’s News Director, Marisol Amaya. The letter partly says, vlcsnap-2017-05-17-23h47m23s397 vlcsnap-2017-05-17-23h47m34s172

This was not only an attack on Ms. Amaya but for what she represents: FREEDOM OF THE PRESS. Clearly this was a blatant assault and therefore a criminal act.”

The letter ends by asking the Belmopan OC to address the matter appropriately and immediately.

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