Medical Missionary Team visits Twin Towns

A group of medical practitioners were in San Ignacio and Santa Elena today to offer free medical assessment and treatment to residents in the area. Every year, the team from Florida hosts day clinics in various remote areas of the country. Renee Ester is one the medical mission team.

Renee Ester – Medical Mission Team:
vlcsnap-2013-03-15-20h51m50s60The treatment that we’re able to give is to patients who have been seen and told that they have Diabetes, and High Blood Pressure. We may find some new things today.  We can treat Diabetes, and Blood Pressure which is Hypertension. We can treat with worm polls, vitamins as needed, antibiotics if there’s an infection or inflammation, some minor injuries like bone or muscle injuries, we can treat those today.  We can treat with vitamins and give education on diet control, exercise, and just encourage good health all around.

The team has seen quite a few cases of diabetes and asthma in the area, among other illnesses.

Renee Ester – Medical Mission Team:
So far we’ve found a lot of Asthma in this area.  We’ve found Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, just the minor injuries, but we see the rashes.  We do see ringworm, scabies, some injuries to soft tissue, bones from accidents.  Those are our main injuries and illnesses that we’ve seen so far, also a lot of colds and coughs with the smokes and allergies from the flowers and blooms.

Ester also shared some health advice.

Renee Ester – Medical Mission Team:
vlcsnap-2013-03-15-20h49m34s225For different people who have different illnesses; if you’re Diabetic, I know beans and rice and tortillas are a big staple on the diet.  So things like that is either eat the beans without the tortillas if you can, or the rice without the tortillas.  Things like Diet Education, good exercise, I know there’s a lot of exercise here.  Things protecting your feet, if you can wear sandals, or closed shoes that protects your feet.  Smoke is a big concern here for Asthma, but that’s a way of living and a way of cooking, and that’s understandable.  If possible if the food can be cooked outside, that would be one great way to help with some of that in-home smoke in Asthma

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