Meeting for Bagasse Continues in Orange Walk

vlcsnap-2014-06-06-19h43m36s84A meeting was held in Orange Walk today between representatives of  the Cane Farmers and American Sugar Refinery’s BSI team.

The negotiations lasted some three hours but when Alfredo Ortega, exited the meeting he declared an impasse in negotiations. Ortega told the media on hand that his team needs to go back to the ne farmers since the two sides are unable to reach a decision.

He claims that the factory continues to stand by its offer of 51 cents per ton of Cane, an offer the cane farmers have been told to reject.

According to Ortega, the Cane farmers Association has asked ASR to produce Financial statements for Belcogen so that they can see for themselves the financial condition of the company, however, to date he claims that the request has not been granted.

Analysts for the cane farmers have recommended that farmers accept no less than four dollar for a ton of Sugar Cane.  In a negotiated agreement mediated by Government that was signed earlier, both sides agreed to finish negotiations on the cane farmer’s share of becogen’s earnings by the end of the crop, but at this pace, that seems very unlikely.

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