Mek Mi Rich and BTL in court over game concept

On Monday afternoon a case management conference was heard between Curtis Dale Swasey and Belize Telemedia Limited and MMR Belize Limited, producers of the television game show “Mek Mi Rich.”

Curtis Swasey says that he pioneered and developed the concept of lottery texting, in which a fee is paid to buy numbers and a draw is conducted that offers prizes, not unlike a regular lotto gaming system, except that it is completely electronic and does not use machines. BTL and MMR are accused of taking the concept as their own to create “Mek Mi Rich.”

Justice Courtney Abel heard in chambers a motion to strike the case out for lack of evidence against MMR Belize Limited, however there was a counter application to amend pleadings in the case, and the matter was continued to March 10, 2015.

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