Ian Gaynair gets land in Lake Independence through Area Rep

Member of the Belize National Football Team Ian Gaynair was honored twice over on Wednesday, in separate events. The first was an award from the Governor General at the Olympic Fun Run in Belmopan but the second is a little more personal. On Wednesday, the defense man received property in the Lake Independence area from area representative Mark King. Mr King says the wrong impression was given by reports in the press which suggested that he had something to do with the matter, when in fact it took place in 2008 and neither he nor Ian Gaynair knew about it until this year. Ian Gaynair spoke publicly on the matter for the first time today and says he takes the blame.

Ian Gaynar – Recipient of Land:

vlcsnap-2013-08-29-11h30m15s171Well I feel so good because this is all I wanted, and I think that he really came through.  He’s a man of his word.  He told me he was going to call me two weeks ago and told me he was going to make sure that I get back the land, and now today the man has made me feel good with this. This will be a title.  It won’t be just a lease land,  so nobody can take it away from me. 


How is it that you lost your land in the first place, the first piece of land?

vlcsnap-2013-08-29-11h30m02s36Ian Gaynar – Recipient of Land:
Well because it was a lease land and maybe because I was immature with dealing with lands. I wasn’t aware that I supposed to have paid my land tax annually.  All I was doing was developing the land and I wasn’t aware of it.

Now that he has regained land, he says, he wants to be a lot more responsible.

Ian Gaynar – Recipient of Land:
I’m always going to have my own place, owned by me.  I have my title, and immediately I’ll look to start building something on it.  Again, I have to say thanks to everybody who really helped me to get back my land.  Thanks to Mark King.  He went to work right away to ensure that I get back my land.

Mark King detailed what he did when he learned of the situation.

Hon. Mark King:

vlcsnap-2013-08-29-11h46m36s252I found out about Mr. Gaynair’s case via KREM when they allegedly trying to indicate that I was the area rep, when I wasn’t – as a matter of fact it was Cordel Hyde who was the elected area rep when this land was seen to be taken away, they should have known of it. What I particularly did is that I immediately contacted the land department, found out the situation and I don’t talk too much, I will get the action going. I was very sad to know that they were using Mr. Gaynair as a political football in this thing.  He’s a national player and he should be respected,  and out of that I found the dignity to go to the Land’s Department, find out the situation and ensure that under my land program that he got back a piece of land. His lease was cancelled in 2008, however there was a series of events.  The lease was cancelled, of course upon the lease regulations that are there, breach of the lease regulations, and it was then given to some lady up north and from there it was transferred from that lady who gave it to another person. I was trying to get back the same parcel of land, as a matter of fact I went as far as going on the ground to see that parcel of land and there was no way I could have gotten it back. So I had to try my best to come up with another piece of land for Mr. Gaynair in the division.

According to the area representative, the land lease will shortly be converted to title. We also asked him about his demand to KREM News for an apology on their story and he says he has withdrawn his earlier public statement to avoid politics.

Hon. Mark King:

Actually the process has already begun.   I have already applied for the purchase letter for Mr. Gaynair. Because of what he went through, I believe as a National player he should be given this land at no cost.  So I will bear the cost for him and he will given title unto this land so that nobody can take away our National Player’s land.

The area representative recently began a land amnesty program in his division for first-time land owners.

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