Men accused of murder of Alberto Travis may get a retrial

It was three weeks into a murder trial being heard in the Supreme Court, when a juror’s comment brought the trial to a sudden halt. 24 year old Cordel Flores and 21 year old Warren Lewis were being tried for the 2009 murder of Alberto Allen, when an unexpected prejudicial remark forced the judge to call a mistrial. One of the twelve member jury reportedly was heard saying “Dey bwai have a winning vlcsnap-2013-03-15-19h19m10s27case.” Justice Gonzalez subsequently made the decision to stop the trial in the view that the jurors were making judgments about the case without first hearing all the evidence – this Justice Gonzalez concluded, might lead to a pre-judged and unfair verdict. The men are scheduled to reappear in the Supreme Court, where it will be decided if they will be granted a retrial. The deceased, Alberto Travis, was reportedly kidnapped and taken to a secluded location where he was killed. His body was later found on the George Price Highway. On the day of the murder, Police say they conducted what was supposed to be a routine check on a car in the Port Loyola area, where they found a handgun and blood stains. Police say the occupants of that car were Flores and Lewis.

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