Men dressed as BTL workers invade home in Belize City

46-year-old Vilma Rauda, reported that on March 26 about 10:30 a.m. while at her work place at the residence of 64-year-old Tara Rewachand Budhrani, an Indian business woman of Albert Street, Belize City, her attention was drawn to someone knocking on the entrance door.  Upon She found two male persons dressed in purple shirts with the BTL Logo on them. The men told the house keeper that they came to check the phone. She allowed the men in and led them to the upper floor. When they got to a room on the third floor, one of the male persons grabbed her from behind and the other one covered her mouth with duct tape and tied her hands with plastic straps while the men proceeded to steal a 9 mm pistol, two pouches; one containing $7,000.00 in U.S currency ; and the other had silver coins valued at $3,000.00, all to a total value of $20,500.00.  The house keeper managed to untie herself after the men left and called for help.  Police are investigating.

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