Men dressed as soldiers try to rob truck on Hummingbird Highway

There was an attempted robbery of a cargo truck belonging to a Belmopan business.

The incident happened at the junction heading to Placencia on the Hummingbird Highway.

According to reports to Plusnews,  two men dressed as soldiers flashed and blinked the lights of their trucks as police officers would do to signal a driver to slow down. The Cargo truck slowed down at the bump believing that it was the police, but one of those men put a gun to the windshield on the driver side, while the other man pulled out an AK 47. The driver of the cargo truck quickly locked his doors but the armed man on the passenger side broke the passenger side window with the barrel of his gun. At that point, the driver of the cargo truck pressed into his accelerator and floored it, managing to get away.

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