Men robbed at Ladyville Gas Station; one grazed by bullet

There was a robbery at a Puma Gas Station in Ladyville Village, Belize District in which one person was grazed by a bullet. . It happened on Thursday night, May 11th, sometime after 9 o’clock. According to police reports, gas attendant 18 year old Kirk Cadle was at work at the Gas station. He reported to police that he was sitting down in front of the gas station’s store along with James Leal and Ray Peters  when a lone gun man approached him and demanded money. Cadle handed over his eighteen hundred dollar cell phone and one two dollars. The perpetrator also relieved James Leal of his silver cell phone valued at $450.00. Apparently not satisfied, the gunman then fired one shot towards the direction of Ray Peters, also known as “Dads”. The bullet  grazed Peters on his left forearm. The culprit then ran, making good his escape. Police are investigating.

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