Men running from police invade Corozal home

On the morning of Saturday October 18th,  Corozal Police on special operations in San Antonio Village, Corozal District, spotted two men  with a knapsack. On seeing the cops, the two men quickly entered a nearby house without the permission of the home owner; but police also entered the house and conducted a search in the presence of the frightened house owner.

The two intruders were identified as Carlos Pena and a 15 year old male minor.

When police checked the knap sack, they found marijuana.  The suspected drugs were weighed in the presence of both suspects and a guardian of the minor, which amounted to 2724 gram.

Carlos Pena, a 19 year old Belizean carpenter of San Antonio Village, Corozal, and the minor, were arrested and charged for the offence of Drug Trafficking.

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