Men Shot in Belize City

Gun violence continues to run rampant on the streets of Belize City. The two latest victims: 26 year old Channing Garoy and 29 year old Raymond Bowen, both of a Belize City Address are today hospitalized following a shooting incident that occurred sometime around 8 pm on Monday night. According to police reports, Garoy and Bowen were riding on sepearate bicycles on South Creek, Belize City, heading in the direction of Central American Boulevard when upon reaching the corner of Kraal Road and South Creek, two men of dark complexion, reportedly opened fired on them. Garoy received a gunshot injury to the hand and Bowen received a gunshot injury to the right leg. Both men are currently being treated at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital and are listed in a stable condition. Police continue to investigate this latest shooting incident.

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