Men Struggle For Gun Onboard Bus

robber frstrateA struggle ensued among four men, over a gun on board a bus in the old capital, sometime 8:30 last night.

According to the driver of the bus, he was seated on the driver’s seat  in the company of his uncle while the bus was parked in front of a shop located on Central American Boulevard.

He continued narrating that a man whom he recognized, entered the bus, pushed his uncle aside and placed a hand gun in front of his face and demanded money.  At the same time, a passerby saw what was happening and went inside the bus and punched the firearm from the hand of the would-be-robber, which fell on the bus steps.  Another young man, an accomplice, then picked up the firearm and rode off on his bicycle.

The thief then rushed out of the bus and rode off with his bicycle towards the direction of Trinity Street.    Nothing was stolen and no one was injured during the incident. Police are seeking the two men as investigations continue.

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