Mena ready for General elections

Mena put on an impressive victory against his political opponent Anthony Sabal. However despite their loss, the PUP said that the unity of the blue team at Wednesday’s by election is a sign that the winds of change is blowing. And while Mena holds the seat now, the seat goes up in the air at the next general elections which, all indications are, will be sooner rather than later. But Mena says he is not swayed and while he concedes his machine might need some touching and refining, he is convinced he can pull off a bigger win for the next elections.vlcsnap-2015-07-13-10h59m39s158

Hon. Franka Mena – Minister of State, National Security “It’s work, work, and more work and by the way, if you check the history of the general elections in Dangriga, that has been the largest margin of win, if you want to go back and check it. But the work nuh stop, as a matter of fact, ih just di begin and so we wa have to do fu we reflection and see weh we coulda mi do betta and soh. Fix di machine if anything need fu fix, tighten some nuts and bolts, lube up again. But we wa have to do fu politically see how we could tear ah more, at least a two to one.”


The party leader, Mr. Francis Fonseca, also stated that they were satisfied with the show yesterday, for the by-election, their muscle and ‘the spirit and unity of the people’, that was his words. Do you have any comment on that in terms of your evaluation or outlook on their showing?


Hon. Frank Mena “They definitely came with a lot of bitterness and violence and disrespect, we haven’t seen that in our area – the threats and all that. So I would like to tell the leader of the opposition mek ih keep ih garbage outta Dangriga. That da weh I wah tell ah.”


Could you talk to us now, about the road ahead for you and for the people in Dangriga.


Hon. Frank Mena“Well, it’s hard work as I mentioned to my people. Weh I mi di do before da pretty much just try beg and get fi deh, so we need fu ketch up. We need to lobby, to get the jobs in town, to get the investment eena di area fu mek sure we people dey di get their land. Fu mek sure we di straighten up…”

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