Mental Health Association says pushing for a referendum on S53 will increase hate speech

The Mental Health Association has applauded the Chief Justice’s ruling saying that it was made from a base of knowledge rather than emotion.  The Mental Health Association of Belize, whose president is Jenny Lovell, says that the right to privacy in consensual sexual activity in adults is long overdue considering that the American psychiatrist Association moved Homosexuality from its list of Mental Disorders in 1974. The MHA says it supports the Government of Belize’s decision not to appeal the ruling. While on one hand it says that “those who object remain free to retain their own views and to base their own life style on those views”, it on the other hand says it is strongly opposed to the idea of a referendum concerning the issue. In fact, according to the MHA, any push for a referendum to gain the people’s views on the matter, “… any campaign on this issue would increase hate speech..” and greater “..stigma with severe mental health implications to the LGBT community.”

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