Mental Patient Shot by Police; Dies from Injuries

police flagThere was a shooting in Big Falls Village, Toledo District on Monday. Moses Williams, a known mental patient, was the victim.

According to police, about four villagers had made reports about being harassed by Williams who was always armed with a machete.

Apparently, Williams had a machette when the police officer in charge of Big Falls and his assistant went to check on the reports about Williams. Officers of the law say Williams resisted being arrested and an altercation after Williams refused to put down the machete and charged towards the special constable causing injuries to both his hands.

hand with macheteThe constable fell to the ground on his back and as Williams was over him with the machete in the air and was about to chop him, the police officer reportedly fired a warning shot with his issued 12-gauge pump action but Williams took no heed.

The report from the police say that the cop then had no choice but to shoot Williams in the left leg to subdue him. However, Williams reportedly kept advancing with the machete towards the police and got a hold of his shotgun.  Both police officers then fled to safety.

A few minutes’ later police heard when the shotgun went off. The special constable then called for assistance from Punta Gorda Police and made his way towards the Big Falls Poly Clinic for medical assistance as he had chop wounds to both hands and his left arm appeared to have been broken.

Belize police Pick-upAt about 8:10 a.m., two police officers from Punta Gorda arrived on the scene where Williams was seen sitting on the ground with the shotgun under his injured leg and a machete next to him.  The law enforcement agents took possession of both weapons, assisted Williams to the mobile and transported him to Punta Gorda Town Hospital.

Approximately at 9:20 a.m. on February 17, 26-year-old Moses Williams of Big Falls Village, succumbed to his injuries while being treated at the Punta Gorda Town Hospital.

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