Menzies says U.S. Ambassador was off the mark

vlcsnap-2014-08-01-07h58m16s220Who could forget the US Ambassador to Belize’s arrival to Belize and his presentation of his credentials in Belmopan as it goes down in history to be the first time that an Ambassador to Belize is welcomed with a small group of protestors. This took place on the morning of June 24th 2014. As you can recall, Patrick Menzies and a handful of his supporters staged a protest against the LGBT agenda which they alleged was the US Ambassador’s mission in Belize, however the Ambassador firmly denied that.

vlcsnap-2014-08-01-07h58m37s222Carlos Moreno – Ambassador of U.S. to Belize

“I can state, from the perspective of the United States, there is no LGBT agenda.  I think what the mission of the United States is to promote Human Rights with respect to all groups, groups that are marginalized or not marginalized.  To say that there is  any kind of homosexual or LGBT agenda, I think, is off the mark.”

We have not heard a reaction from Patrick Menzies since then so on Thursday we asked him.

vlcsnap-2014-08-01-07h55m18s220Patrick Menzies

“The U.S. Ambassador, when he said that we were ‘off the mark’, U.S. Ambassador Moreno, you were off the mark, and you are lying to Belizeans.  Please check back with Joe Biden.  Your Vice-President, net me correct that, our Vice-President (I’m a U.S. Citizen) said that your job, your priority according to Obama, is LGBT.  Please tell Belizeans the truth, and stop lying.”

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