MET Service Warns Against Hurricane Complacency

Belizeans are used to the threat of hurricanes from June to November yearly. In fact, some wait until the very last minute to make their preparations.

Those individuals may be heartened to hear that after some years of heavy activity, this season will be average as far as hurricane seasons go.  With a preview and reminder of the importance of preparedness here is Chief Meteorologist Dennis Gonguez.

vlcsnap-2014-06-10-21h29m42s83Dennis Gonguez-Chief Meteorologist

“The MET Service has a presentation on climate change and impacts on climate change on different events around the country.

Reporter:  “I suppose some may not accept it, but it is just about a fact now that many parts are affected by events in the atmosphere that cause polarized caps and so on and so forth”

Dennis Gonguez:  “In my presentation, there  I will show that our climate is warming with the longest records we have at the International Airport.  Our temperatures are increasing.  As a consequence, we could expect some of the weather patents as the years go by”. 

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