Mexican villagers riot; Belizeans stranded at border

Late Wednesday evening, February 24th, Belizeans shopping in neighboring Chetumal, Mexico were unable to return to Belize for several hours as Mexican residents living in the Border town of Subteniente Lopez rioted on the highway. The Belizeans were caught in the confrontation between residents and Mexican authorities; specifically the police and the military, for several hours and were not able to cross the border until about 8 p.m. Plusnews has been informed that Mexicans are up in arms about a temporary Military base and checkpoint that they say is violating their human rights. They say that sometimes vehicles are in the checkpoint lines for hours, and at times vehicles are confiscated overnight without a just cause. The last straw was when a woman on Wednesday refused to pass through a scanner because she was pregnant, but the soldiers forced her to do so. Earlier today, just before noon, the scene repeated itself as the residents are adamant that the Government needs to remove the military checkpoint. Stranded travelers included several Cancun bikers who were on their way to Belize City to participate in the annual Belize Harley Davidson’s Belize Bike Rally”. The second blockade lasted for almost an hour before it was lifted but protesters say that if the temporary military base is not completely removed completely they will be back.vlcsnap-2016-02-26-09h48m27s324 vlcsnap-2016-02-26-09h48m14s991 vlcsnap-2016-02-26-09h48m12s052

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