Mexicans found in Guate with Belizean money and fake credit cards

We have reported on three Mexicans who were arrested and charged for using international debit cards to take monies from Atlantic Banks across the nation. Those three Mexicans are accused of stealing approximately 100 thousand dollars in all. They are currently on remand at the Hattieville prison awaiting their next court date. Well, there are reports of another set of Mexican scammers who have been caught, but this time in Guatemala. According to reports,  Guatemalan police captured an alleged Mexican drug trafficker in the northern Petén department on the border with Mexico on Monday. The alleged drug trafficker have been identified as 44 year Mauricio Rangel Casillas .Along with him was 41 year old Carlos Sainz. The two Mexicans were driving in a car with Mexican license plates when they were intercepted. Guatemalan authorities found  a score of cloned credit cards as well as a substantial amount of Belizean cash. They also had cash from Mexico, the United States, and Guatemala. According to reports from Guatemalan media, it is presumed that the men may have connections to a criminal gang that operates internationally in cloning credit cards.

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