Mexicans may face more charges


Those three Mexican nationals who are currently on remand for allegedly stealing approximately one hundred thousand dollars from ATMs across the country may be facing more charges soon.On Monday evening, 27 year old Belen Hernandez ,21 year old Jacson Jafet and 31 year old , Leonel Rodriguez were charged with theft following reports from Atlantic Bank to police that the trio used some 60 international debit cards at various ATMS across the country to withdraw over 100 thousand dollars. In court on Monday, the trio were charged for a total of $1,100 in three separate withdrawals. Today, police say they ar

e still investigating to see if there will be other charges.

ASP Alejandro Cowo, NCIB

 All three individuals were charged for one count 


of theft the are as follows: 27 year old Belen Hernandez ,21 year old Jacson Jafet and 31 year old , Leonel Rodriguez That is the only financial institution up to now that has made a report to the police. There are many other reports that we are following up and we will see if anyone else will come up to give any other information that can lead to other investigations reference those tree Mexicans. So far the investigation has been pointing out that it is only 3 of them involved and we do not have any information to indicate that any other Belizeans or any other national have been involved. So far we are working very closely with the bank and as soon as we have that information, if there are more charges, more charges will be levied on them.

The Mexicans are residents of Cancun and will be tried in the specific districts where they withdrew the money.   They were all denied bail and are to return to court on March 21st.

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