Mexicans Reported Missing In Belize

Mexican nationals are reported missing in the Pine Ridge area. According to Police reports on Wednesday July 1st 27 year old Carlos Tapia, a Mexican farmer of Quintana Roo informed his brother Luis Tapia that he was going on a hunting trip with Regino Garcia and Noe Garcia in August Pine ridge, which is approximately 10 kilometers north of Tres Banderas monument on Belizean Territory. Police say that sometime around midday Noe Garcia Returned to Mexico and informed Luis Tapia that while hunting he heard several gunshots and as a result fled the area. The following day, on July 2nd, upon noticing that his brother had not returned home, Luis Tapia organized a search party and visited the area where Carlos Tapia and Regino Garcia had gone hunting and recovered two 20-guage cartridges and a black rechargeable flashlight which he recognized as his brother’s, the items were found approximately 900 yards from the border in Belizean territory. The entire surrounding area was searched but to no avail. Police visited the area and found two 12-gauge expended cartridges, one 9mm expended shell and two  .22 expended shells.  Up to the time of making the report, Carlos Tapia has not returned home.  Carlos Tapia was last seen wearing a purple sleeveless T-shirt, yellow pants and black rubber boots with red soles. He has a clear complexion, about 5ft 4 inches in height, has a barb-wire tattoo on his left hand and a sun tattoo on his left leg. Police continue to investigate.

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