Mexicans say Belizean police have not asked for cooperation in finding Manuel Castillo

Manuel Castillo has been on the run since then and police said at that time they believed that he had fled to Mexico.

One would have expected that Belizean police would have touched base with their Mexican counterparts to be on the lookout for Manuel Castillo. However, according to Diario Por Esto de Quintan a Roo, a Mexican newspaper, in its headlines for this weekend, it states that Belizean police has made no attempt to get Mexican cooperation on finding Castillo.

vlcsnap-2014-11-07-18h39m27s86While that is the headline in the Mexican newspaper, the fact is that Castillo is posted on Interpol’s international wanted list on the internet.

The Cervantes family has gone on record saying that it has been suspicious of possible police involvement in the murder after police issued handcuffs were discovered on the elderly man’s corpse, and if it is true that police did not try to get the Mexican authorities in on the case even though they believe Castillo is in their country, it would most likely cast even more suspicion.

All this, coupled with the recorded conversation implicating senior police officials is cause for worry for the family.


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