Mexicans withdraw over $100,000 from Atlantic Bank ATMS with stolen cards

Three Mexican nationals, two men and one female, were arrested on Friday when they were caught in Corozal Town with more than sixty international bank cards, believed to be stolen, along with a substantial amount of Mexican currency.  The arrest was as a result of a report from Atlantic Bank Limited to police that three persons had been seen withdrawing monies from the company’s ATM’s in various parts of the country since November of last year. To date, the persons have withdrawn at least $100,000.  Police told us more.

ASP Alejandro Cowo, NCIB

Friday police intercepted three Mexican nationals with an assorted Bank cards,  International cards. They were intercepted in Corozal district along with a substantial amount of Mexican currency The Atlantic Bank had indicated to the police that they had seen these 3 persons; 2 males and a female, withdrawing several amounts of cash from different ATM machines within the country. So far this investigation is pointing that we have two Mexican nationals; 2 males and a female. A search conducted on their apartment in LADYVILLE  yielded several computers and other electronic items. The police, at this moment, are looking to see what other information We can get from those devices.

Atlantic Bank ATM’s hit include one in Corozal Free Zone, Corozal Town, Orange Walk, Belize City, San Pedro, Caye Caulker, and San Ignacio.  This evening, 27 year old Belen Hernandez was charged for dishonestly appropriating $300 in Orange Walk,  21 year old Jacson Jafet was charged for dishonestly appropriating $500 in Corozal, while 31 year old   Leonel Rodriguez was charged for dishonestly appropriating $300 in Corozal. Belen Hernandez and Leonel Rodriquez are in a common law relationship and are both travel agents. All three are from Cancun, Mexico and will be tried in the specific districts where they withdrew the money.  They were all denied bail and are to return to court on March 18th.

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