Mexico promotes increased trade with Belize

There is another initiative being carried out with Mexican counterparts, as a delegation of Mexican business persons are on a visit to Belize to promote trade and identify potential buyers and suppliers of various products and services. And today, the Mexican Delegation met with local government officials and representatives of various organizations at the Mexican Embassy in Belmopan. Here is José Manuel Rodríguez, Director of Pro-México, Yucatan and Coordinator of the Mexico Trade Mission.

Jose Manuel Rodreguez – Director Pro-Mexico, Yucatan:
vlcsnap-2013-06-05-19h27m29s53This is the third time that we are coming to Belize.  The purpose is to increase the commerce between the two countries. In this case from Mexico were bringing twelve companies from different states.
We are having appointments today here in Belmopan, and tomorrow we will have [them] in Belize City. These appointments are arranged by the Mexican Embassy through the commercial section.  They have a close contact with Belizean companies that import or are willing to do business.  It could be both sides with Mexican companies.

The goods range from food products, agricultural, chemical and architectural goods. The services include warehousing, direct sales and marketing, consulting, engineering and construction, among others. We spoke with Alejandro Solis, the Sales Manager of a beverage enterprise, about the day’s exercise and his company’s expectations of the operation.

Alejandro Solis – Sales manager:
vlcsnap-2013-06-05-19h27m43s182My expectations for this trade is like to get known in the market in Belize.  I know it’s a very small market. We would like to have a presence here. We have have been doing some interviews today, in the morning. Those went very well.  Actually we talked with restaurant owners and bars, and they seem to be like really interested in them, and we are very happy about that. 

Mr Rodriguez says that Belize stands to benefit greatly from the trade mission.

Jose Manuel Rodreguez – Director Pro-Mexico, Yucatan:
Well I think that we will have a wide variety of products, right choice.  You can have a competitive price that is reflected also to the consumer. We are trying to make people know that Belize is also an investment opportunity, not only in the tourism sector which is well known, but also in the manufacturing sector, because from here you can arrive to other markets.  We think that the trade and the opportunities on both sides has to be a work of many years.  We will continue developing this relationship, which is very beneficial for both countries.   

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