Michael Finnegan lambastes CWU president in National Assembly

On Friday the FCIB staffers, held a mass sickout, crippling the functions of the bank. In a press briefing that same evening, the Leader of the Christian Workers Union, which represents the majority of workers of FCIB, said that the passage of the vesting bill, which took place today, is a betrayal of the employees with the full complicity of the Government of Belize. At a press conference yesterday, the Prime Minister said that if anyone betrayed the FCIB workers it is their Union which failed to negotiate a commercial bargaining agreement in time. Today, at the House of Representatives, Hon. Michael Finnegan concurred with the Prime Minister’s comments, but in a more fiery fashion. Here is what he said.

Hon. Michael Finnegan: I nuh a call ah wah empty vessel. I nuh a be unfair to ah and I nuh a seh she da wah low grade attorney. I will not do that! I will be very fair to the lady, but the lady must, the lady must do her job as head of the union properly. Stop behave quarrelsome man. When you behave quarrelsome sir, from my 65 years of experience, you do not get things done. Especially if you’re representing people. She will run into trouble with those workers. The workers will eventually vlcsnap-2015-09-15-23h15m32s36chase she because she’s not representing the workers interest. They have wah agenda deh. You know Mr. Speaker a thing that every Belizean public know. Anytime this union leader get up and this union leader talk, all she talk da Dean Barrow and Dean Barrow this and Dean Barrow that and I don’t know weh Dean Barrow do tha lady.


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