Michael Gladden freed of attempted murder

vlcsnap-2013-04-26-19h56m35s4123 year old Michael Gladden has been freed of the attempted murder of a Belize City cab driver. In court on Wednesday, the victim, Leon Young testified that on November of 2008, he dropped off six persons at a park on the north side of the city, where they attacked him and stabbed him multiples times. They took away his cell phone and other items and drove off in his taxi, leaving him to bleed to death. But luckily for Young, Police were in the area and took him to the hospital. Now when the incident happened, Young had identified Gladden as one the attackers. But in court, he said he couldn’t tell if it was indeed Gladden. He blamed this on the 5 year lapse that had passed since he was attacked. And so without a positive identification, the prosecution could not link Gladden to the stabbing and so Justice Troadio Gonzalez ordered the jury to return a not guilty verdict. Gladden joins three other men who were also freed from any involvement in the crime yesterday. Those men 21 year old Alex Smith, 20 year old Michael Saldivar and 26 year old Kenroy Caine were released at the start of the trial, after the DPP informed the court to withdraw the charge against them, due to lack of evidence. Two other women were also charged, but those charges were dropped at a lower court.

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