Michael Gordon exhibit kicks off Image Factory’s 20th year

vlcsnap-2014-08-16-07h11m50s198The Image Factory’s latest art exhibit is a tribute to a hero of the local art community. Self-taught and prolific, Michael Gordon has created more than 2,000 paintings in over 20 years of work, and between 200 to 300 of those are on exhibit for the next two weeks, beginning Friday night. It is the start of a media blitz by the Image Factory to mark its 20th year of artistry. Mr Gordon no-showed the pre-launch press conference which has become a Factory tradition, but his colleagues, led by Yasser Musa and Gilvano Swasey, were happy to give respect to their colleague and friend. Mr Swasey spoke of Michael Gordon’s staying power and uncompromising devotion to his life’s work.

Gilvano Swasey – Curator, Image Factory

“Gordon sits on the streets.  He has not been changed, since the twenty years I’ve been in this factory.

He’s not been changed in going to Cuba. He’s not been changed in going to America.  He’s not been changed of seeing materialistic things being built.  The gallery [is] expanding.  People are coming in, [with] fancy cameras, fancy lights. He has remained Michael Gordon.” 

As per usual showtime is 7:00 p.m. at the Image Factory and entrance is free. Gordon and Musa are collaborating on a book of works titled “Binomium” to be released next year. Other projects on display include the “BAFFU” e-magazine produced by young artists and edited by Briheda Haylock and the “Lab 19” guest exhibition collaborations led by Katie Usher.

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