Michael Modiri and Bradley Paumen back in court

Businessman Michael Modiri and tour operator Bradley Paumen were back in court yesterday. Back in 2016, Puamen was ordered to pay Modiri a sum of three hundred thousand dollars for damages and trespassing. The ruling came after the Government of Belize purportedly acquired a piece of Modiri’s land for public purposes, but instead used it for private purposes when they built a road leading to Paumen’s business property. Supreme Court Justice Shona Griffith ruled in favor of Micheal Modiri on April 5th of 2016. However, two years have passed and Modiri has been unable to collect the money, and so Modiri sought the court’s assistance in enforcing the ruling. Modiri’s attorney, Oscar Sabido was successful in freezing the assets of two companies Paumen is in invested in. Those two companies are Sibun Grain and Cattle Limited and Indian Creek Equestrian Center Limited,  in which Paumen has shares. This is where the matter gets a little tricky. Attorney Oscar Sabido claims that Paumen has transferred the shares he owns in the company to an employee, in order to avoid making payments. Sabido is now asking the court to go behind the veil of these companies in order to reveal that Paumen is in control of the shares, in order for Modiri to receive his payments. Paumen’s attorney, Estevan Perera,  disputes Sabido’s claims of a shares transfer. Perera says that the claimants have simply not taken any of the necessary or proper steps to get paid. We will continue to follow this story as it develops.

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