Michel Chebat is PUP Cayo North Standard Bearer

Michel Chebat is the new PUP standard bearer for Cayo North. Mr Chebat was sworn in on Thursday after a direct appointment by the Leader of the Opposition, Hon. Francis Fonseca.

Michel Chebat first came on the political scene last month December 2014, when he offered himself to run as the PUP Standard Bearer in the Cayo North bi election.

That bye-election was placed into motion with the resignation of the PUP Area Representative Joseph Mahmud.

vlcsnap-2015-01-30-06h30m08s130vlcsnap-2015-01-30-07h14m58s155Michel Chebat was not the only one who offered himself, however, as Cayo businessman Richard Harrison also wanted the position. The PUP decided that Mr Harrison would have been the better candidate considering the short time until the January 5th election,and so Mr Chebat stepped back.

We all know how that bye-election went with UDP’s Omar Figuerroa beating Richard Harrison  two to one.

Now Michel Chebat is back in the race for the next general election as the PUP Standard Bearer.

Deputy Party leader Julius Espat told us more.


vlcsnap-2015-01-30-06h36m15s203Julius Espat – Deputy Leader of the People’s United Party, Western Caucus

“[Michel Chebat] was endorsed as the new Standard Bearer for Cayo North, along with his new executive committee.

We were able to do this because there was an Executive Meeting of the People’s United Party yesterday, and the Party Leader requested from the Executive to give him the authority to make decisions on the two pending seats.  That was  Cayo North and the other one was Belize Rural North.

 He acted on the first one today, based on the authority given to him by the Executive, and based on Section 13:6 of the Constitution of the People’s United Party, that allows him to do it.

Subsequently, sometime in a couple of weeks he will be addressing the one in Belize Rural North also. 

You have to understand too, that the Western Caucus had met and there was a vote.  At that time it was voted nine to two that Michel was the better person.

What happened is that for the Bye-election, at that present time and for the short cycle, the Party felt at the time that maybe Richard had a better chance.  At that time Michel came forward and he was the one that said, ‘I’m a lawyer, PUP, I want us to have the best possible chance.”  If the Party feels it’s best the he would pull one side, and he did that. 

He’s an highly organized person, and that’s what I believe Cayo North needs, somebody that can be organized, from all the scenarios that are offered. So we’re proud to have him as one of our colleagues.”


Municipal elections are slated for March 4th.

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