Miguel Menjivar case continues in Supreme Court

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Five months ago, Belmopan businessman Miguel Menjivar commenced a lawsuit in the Supreme Court, in which he is suing the Attorney vlcsnap-2015-10-26-19h55m00s103General on behalf of the Government of Belize; the Commissioner of Police on behalf of the Belize Police Department, and Sergeant of Police Santiago Gongora on behalf of the unit that carried out the raid at his Las Flores residence in 2011, the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU). He seeks damages for his bullet-ridden home and attendant costs. The case came back to court today but there was no hearing. There was a suggestion that the case had been thrown out due to procedural errors by Menjivar’s attorney, Arthur Saldivar. Saldivar was not around to answer that suggestion but Menjivar says there is a different explanation for today’s events, which he gave us in an interview this afternoon.

Miguel Menjivar, House shot at: It’s not the end of the case. Today we had an adjournment assigned to this day. And from that day we knew that the person representing GSU was out here for this day. So because of that, the case was, actually today was just a lawyer. Not much was done today. I spoke to the lawyer, he said that he’s still organizing the files to continue the case. The way to the end that we all wanted to see, we know what’s going to happen at the conclusion of this case. So today it didn’t advance that much towards where we want to bring it, but the lawyers are looking at the files.vlcsnap-2015-10-26-19h28m57s80

vlcsnap-2015-10-26-19h54m52s33Menjivar referred further legal questions to Saldivar but insisted that he is not giving up on the case. In fact, he says, if he does not get his justice here, there are other means of doing so.


Miguel Menjivar, House shot at: Up to now, we’re supposed to be out of this already, so in our case we’re the victims in this case. All we have to do is wait and depend on our lawyer that he is fighting correct. So yes actually, we would love if he won. If we don’t win I don’t see Human Rights in this country, I don’t hear about the Human Rights office or something. There’s many ways that the lawyers or government is not responding to us. We have to find another way to get our rights in the right way. If we would lose to such an extreme way, all of our thing, business, family, christ and everything, so I don’t think they;; throw out our case.

Menjivar was tried and acquitted of criminal attempted murder charges in the Supreme Court in Belmopan in 2013.

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