Mike Menjivar sues GOB over GSU Raid

In May 2011, the businessman  Miguel Menjivar and his family went through a terrifying episode when the GSU raided his home during a predawn operation where over a hundred shots were fired. Menjivar, Belmopan business owner of the popular La Cabana restaurant and bar, was taken to court to answer to charges of attempted murder because he opened fire on the GSU officers from his licensed firearm after he thought his house was being attacked by armed intruders.  It was a violent exchange that left the place riddled with bullets, but fortunately no one was seriously injured. In September 2013, after two long years in court, Menjivar’s attorneys finally got him acquitted of the charges after proving that Menjivar did not know it
was GSU and was actually on the phone during the ordeal informing police of what he thought was an attack on his family. Now in 2015, Menjivar is vlcsnap-2015-07-16-09h49m36s18preparing to sue the Government and the Police Department for the incident. The case started on Monday. Menjivar and the defendants, this time the Police Department, have been given case management orders by the court for documents that they must deliver. During trial before the Supreme Court, Menjivar’s attorney will try to convince the judge to that the GSU acted excessively in the raid, and that he deserves an award for damages caused. The next court date has been set for October 2nd 2015.vlcsnap-2015-07-16-09h49m17s54

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