Military Out-post at the Western Border

Last week Thursday we told you than an inauguration ceremony was held for the Belize Border Project. The Project , which was spear-headed by BDF light engineers, began in mid-May with the purpose of improving fences and gates at the border for better security and efficiency. A second ceremony was held  on the same day to break grounds for the first Military Out-post at the Western Border. The proposed location for the Military Out-post is ideal because it gives military personnel 360 degrees bird eye view of the western border surroundings. According to BDF Commander Steven Ortega, the Patrol post is much needed in the area to deter illegal border activities.

BDF Commander, Steven Ortega: It’s not a conservation post, it’s a patrol base, and it is there to help deter some of the illegal activities that happen there. I don’t know if you remember, but late last year a guy got shot just in the area of a house that is out there, just on the other side of a river in Benque. And the post will help patrol that area, the illegal crossing sites in that area, to ensure that people comply with the law.

As for the necessary protocols required to build on no man’s land, Ortega says, they have all been met.

BDF Commander, Steven Ortega: Because there is a procedure for doing construction that is laid out in the confidence building measures, and it says that if it’s on your side, you just need to inform the other side through the OAS, and that’s the procedure. It’s been done and I haven’t had any feedback as yet, if there is any.

Construction is scheduled to begin a month from now and it is expected to be completed within two months.

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