Minister ”Boots” denies allegations of Kirk Lamb

Yesterday, we reported on those serious allegations made against Minister of Human Development Hon. Anthony “Boots” Martinez by an ex employee of his, Kirk Lamb. As we told you yesterday, Lamb alleges that the minister had enlisted him as a contractor but he was only a caretaker of one of the minister’s buildings. He says that the Minister used Lamb’s credit union account as a clearing account with funds that were supposed to go to the  construction of homes for Southside families. He alleged that the Minister would use his account to transfer monies and would withdraw that amount, sometime on the same day, which would then go to an organization called Housing for the Poor.  Our colleagues at Krem spoke to Minister Boots Martinez over the phone yesterday where the Minister denied all the allegations, maintaining that Lamb was in fact a contractor. Today, the Minister gave another interview to further discuss the allegations. Again, he reiterated that Lamb wa in fact a contractor and there was no money business between the Minister and Lamb.

 Minister of Human Development Hon. Anthony “Boots” Martinez

  No, that is not the case. I’ll put it this way here and that’s why I’ll say to the media now. Mr. Kirk Lamb was a contractor, he was employed from time to time with the Ministry of Works which means he’s under the South Side poverty alleviation project.  We have the ‘Freedom of the Press Act’ in which you could go inquire for the Ministry of Works who is Mr. Kirk Lamb and you will see who is Mr. Kirk Lamb. He’s even in photographs at the Ministry of Works signing contracts. Mr. Kirk Lamb have offers here, He have bill a quantities, he has everything here. I am saying to you that I am not here to clear my name. I’m not here to clear any name. I am saying to you that is a distorted facts! Put it this way, hear! That I am supposed to go and find that for the people that is like somebody would come and say, Marisol, I will give you a lot of money but how can we just take that to mean that ? No it’s not like that and sometimes I take it like a joke and then when I listen to the interviews yesterday it’s like, how you all are asking me questions and then everybody just leave him and don’t ask questions like ‘Why were you fired and why this and why that! Nobody ask nothing!

The Minister insist that Lamb is just disgruntled because he lost his job in October of last year. As we told you before, Lamb allegedly stole a burglar bar off one of the Minister’s buildings and sold it or $80. The minister alleges that Lamb was on drugs and he asked for the case to be dropped against Lamb because he doesn’t want to see a black man go to jail for $80. The media asked minister Martinez how it is that a man so strung out for $80 could be considered a top contractor.

 Minister of Human Development Hon. Anthony “Boots” Martinez

Whatsoever it is, it is open and transparent and that’s why I’m talking about the main allegation about not taking care of him and if you look for Kirk Lamb Jr he got a land and a house. The Lands Department transferred it and he sold it to somebody. You know, I am sorry and when you talk about reason for him being tormented, the court is there you know. I am saying that is what he said to me. I said to you when we were speaking that was what he said to me in the presence of superintendent. He was very remorseful that was never how I knew him. He doesn’t have a business place madam . Put it this way here. The SouthSide Alleviation Project takes a turn where they look for small contractor not contractors with any business place because the big contractor, yes that he have that job before ,and if you go and see the ministry record Mr. Lamb is one of the top contractors.

Minister Martinez says that the Southside Poverty Alleviation project contracts are handled by the Ministry of Works through funding from OPEC. He directed the media to that Ministry to verify that Lamb was in fact a contractor. Plusnews has received information that the CEO of the Ministry of works has verified that he has seen Lamb at the Ministry of Works signing contracts indeed. The Minister insists that these allegations one week before elections are all due to political mischief.

 Minister of Human Development Hon. Anthony “Boots” Martinez

It is the political season and you’re going to talk about that what occurred in October ,November ,December, January the end of February. One week before election which in my view is a political ploy and that is all I will say about that. It is a political ploy because I will say this openly. The people, the People’s United Party believe they’ll stand a chance and then they believed that they came so close. So for me or any other allegations wouldn’t be surprising to me coming at this point because they knew I am the target. But I just need to set the record straight in terms of what are the facts and what are not the facts .

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