Minister Castro’s sons found with over $6000 worth of contraband beers

vlcsnap-00054Minister of Transport and NEMO Edmond Castro is back in the news as it relates to alleged criminal activities; not him personally though, but his two sons.  23 year old Wasani Castro and 21 year old Jafari Castro were intercepted in Orange Walk as they were travelling in a white Wingle. Customs found 89 cases of  contraband beers in the back of the vehicle they were in. Also in the vehicle at the time was one Deitrich Ramclam and Gian Espadas.  The men and the vehicle were taken to the sub station in Orange Walk. Comptroller of Customs, Collin Griffith told us more.


Collin Griffith, Comptroller of Customs: There was an incident Friday evening where the customs patrol stopped a vehicle. I believe it was driven by one, Jafari Castro. In the vehicle also there was Wasani Castro, Gian Espadas and Dedric Ramclam. A search of the vehicle revealed 89 cases of Corona Beer. The vehicle and the occupants were escorted to the substation in Orange Walk where the beers were labeled and a custody receipt was issued.vlcsnap-00058

The brothers and customs met today and agreed to an out of court settlement.

Collin Griffith, Comptroller of Customs: They did indicated at that time also that they would like to resolve the matter out of court, to which the officers in Orange Walk agreed to. We have since met with the 4 individuals this morning and agreed to an out of court settlement to which they were told that the fine has to be paid in full. Usually with out of court settlement there is an initial amount is paid and then the balance is paid incrementally, since we indicated that it has to be in full and after the Wingle which is in Orange Walk would be released

Griffith insists that the agreement is not unusual and the Castro brothers were given no preferential treatment.vlcsnap-00056

Collin Griffith, Comptroller of Customs: I can say categorically that I personally have not received any calls and the agreement that we have brokered with the 4 individuals is no different from any agreement that the Customs Department would have entered into had it involved any other person.vlcsnap-00055

The value of the contraband beers is $6,200.  The penalty fee for contraband is normally three times the value of the goods. The brothers have been instructed to pay the fine in full.

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