Minister Faber in Traffic Mishap with Police Vehicle

That interview was of course taken on Friday at the Graduation of the Youth for Road Safety program, an initiative that works towards reducing the level of car accidents in our country by training youths to train other youths in the aspect of responsible driving.

The Minister of Education was a guest speaker at the ceremony. Then on Sunday, June 29th, in a quite an ironic set of circumstances, Minister Faber got involved in a car accident.

It was not a big accident and none got hurt, however it involved a police vehicle which was in an emergency pursuit at the time. Yesterday Faber gave his version of the story via text message

vlcsnap-2014-06-27-18h09m22s154“Yesterday I was in a small traffic mishap with a police vehicle on the roundabout at the corner at St. Thomas Street and Freetown Town Rd. While on the roundabout turning on to St. Thomas Street pretty sure I had the right away, I was forced to bring my vehicle to a stop at which point the police mobile apparently in an emergency pursuit sped across the roundabout northern bound on Freetown road, colliding with my vehicle.  I did not hear police sirens or see flashings lights.  

Nobody was injured in the small traffic accident and both vehicles involved, received minor damages.  As a result of these minor damages and because the police claim to have been in an emergency pursuit I have agreed to take on the cost of very minor repairs to the police vehicle.”

However, one eyewitness who spoke to the media yesterday reported that the police vehicle had on its siren indicating that it was on an emergency call.

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