Minister Herman Longsworth commends National Football Team members

Minister of State with responsibility for Sports, Herman Longsworth, has been criticized for suggesting that the Government would limit its funding of national teams because of inability to distribute resources, even after appearing at the CONCACAF Gold Cup to support the national football team. Now, some wonder if the Government should lead the way in honoring the Jaguars for their effort at the Gold Cup, which saw some heroic performances both on and off the field. The Minister told us on Friday that while he does commend the team and there are plans to honor them, he says their actions are nothing unusual.

Herman Longsworth – Minister of State with responsibility for Sports:

vlcsnap-2013-08-06-12h46m01s198All of us are proud of these two gentlemen for what they have done. I believe it is something that every athlete should hold dear, and ensure that they protect their integrity.  It is not something that you can or should pay an athlete to do.  So I don’t feel that the Government ought to do that.  Yes, we must put them on a bit of a pedestal because of the fact that they were approached.  I pretty much confident that any athlete on that team, that had been approached, would have done the same thing.  So it is not that they are overly special.  Each member of the team is as special as they are.  We appreciate what they did.  We expect it of them.  I am certain that there will be something coming to them as we go along, but I don’t believe that it is something we ought to be paying them for.  I stand by that. 

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