Minister Hulse on Davis

vlcsnap-2015-09-07-16h31m25s214And while the position of the NTUCB on the matter concerning Ray Davis’ appearance at the Senate was one of unreserved hostility, the Senator for Government Business, Senator Godwin Hulse, said Davis was well within his right to be present at today’s sitting since the Unions share the same senator with the Civil Society and civil society has to assent to the removal of Davis before the petition can be approved by the Governor General.

Hon. Godwin Hulse: The senator representing the union is appointed by the Governor general on the recommendation of both the NTUCB and the Civil Society Steering Committee, and the Civil Society vlcsnap-2015-09-07-15h58m52s276Steering Committee which I think is headed by, I’m not sure it’s headed but I know that Dennis Jones for example is one of the members and he mentioned to me, and I will call his name, that in fact they have not had an opportunity to speak to MR. Davis and give Mr. Davis a formal hearing. So the Governor General cannot talk. Let me rephrase, should not talk on the instructions of one party only. There are two parties to the appointment of that senator.

 Reporter: So then in your opinion although NTUCB sent out a scaling press release basically saying it’s scandalous for him to have been here. You believe that he was within his rights or he was exercising his duty to be here?

 Hon. Godwin Hulse: He is. There is no question in my mind until both parties, the civil society steering committee and the NTUCB would jointly say to the Governor General that we want to ask you to remove the senator that we had nominated and replaced another instead.

 Reporter: So then his appointment is not retracted per say?

 Hon. Godwin Hulse: No, no. Cannot be in my opinion. 

President of the NTUCB Marvin Mora conceded to this but maintained the position that the congress has divorced itself from the representation of Senator Davis. Of note is that Senator Davis voted in favour of the Electricity Acquisition Settlement bill. 3 Senators voted against, 6 voted in favour, and two were absent during their call to vote.

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