Minister Hulse on further investigations in immigration scandal

vlcsnap-2014-06-20-07h14m21s21Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action, COLA, says it has a copy of the Auditor General’s  preliminary report on investigation into the Elvin Penner passport scandal.  In a previous press briefing, COLA stated that the file in their possession reveals that the Director of Immigration, consistently found ways to evade requests made by the audit department for access to these records. According to the report, she would tell them to go to the Minister.” With those allegations against the director, some are wondering if the Immigration Director herself would be investigated and perhaps placed under administrative leave. Immigration Minister Godwin Hulse responds to those trains of thoughts.

vlcsnap-2014-06-20-06h26m27s118Senator Godwin Hulse  – Minister of Immigration

“Why on earth would Miss Marin be on administrative leave, when this is a preliminary report that was sent to us, and that is the Auditor General’s view.  We have to respond to that, and we have responded to that.  We’ll see what comes up in the final thing.  Why on earth would she be on any administrative leave?  As far as I am concerned, Miss Marin is a stellar performer in the Ministry, and continues to be a stellar performer. 



“On the report that you read, does Maria Marin’s name appear?”

Senator Godwin Hulse  

“All of our names appeared.  They said documents are with me.  Nobody ever asked me if I had or didn’t have.  That there’s a protocol for doing that.  All kinds of documents are with us. We have  four investigations going on at the same tome.  Remember, there was the FIU, there was the Police, there was the Ministry, and there was the Auditor General, and there’s only one set of documents.  So clearly, they may have been at the Police, or  at us in the Ministry, or at the Director, but the Auditor General needs to ask.”


“Sir, from the last COLA press conference, what  it seems to me that they were saying that you have all the files, and basically you are the one who is stonewalling their investigations, their private prosecution.

Senator Godwin Hulse  

“They could say anything.  They could also say today is night.  That would be good.”

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