Minister Louis Farrakhan speaks out on the LGBT agenda

The visit of Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan to Belize is close to wrapping up. Due to time constraints he was not able to greet the Belizean press corps at his arrival Monday at the International Airport in Ladyville, but a planned press conference went on as scheduled today. Farakhan entertained questions on his tour so far, among other topical issues. He expressed gratitude for his acceptance in the international community while he he lamented his lack of acceptance in his native United States.

Minister Louis Farrakahn – Leader of the Nation of Islam:
vlcsnap-2013-03-08-19h08m48s208We pay a price for believing as we believe, and speaking as we speak, and trying to live the way we live. There’s a price that all of us pay.  I am rejected in my country.  I am treated like a head of state outside of America, fulfilling what the Scriptures says, “A prophet is not without honour except in his own house.”  I can sit with Prime Ministers and Presidents in Africa, in the Caribbean, in Central and South America, but I can’t even sit with a Senator in America

Farakhan spoke on a number of topics this morning including the LGBT movement trying to gain ground in Belize. He also issued a strong zinger against the LGBT movement, stating that an oath on the Bible by politicians is worth nothing if they do not follow its precepts.

Minister Louis Farrakahn – Leader of the Nation of Islam:
How many of you see same-sex marriage, and you are falling for the pressure that’s being put on Government, to sanction something that God don’t sanction. America is attaching aid to you rewriting your Constitution, rewriting your laws, and because you become a whore for money, and forsaking the principles, yet you put your hand on the Bible when you take your oath of office.  For what?

When  asked what are the key issues he feels Belize faces, he identified governance and education. He directly ties the quality of reading to economic and social conditions. Turning to his personal life, Farakhan gave a candid answer to the question of why at 79 years of age he remains vigorous and active in his profession. His reply: he is in love – first with God and his human creation.

Minister Louis Farrakahn – Leader of the Nation of Islam:
It’s because I’m in love.  Love is something.  You take two ugly people and they fall in love, they become beautiful.
I’m in love first with God, the Creator, and as Jesus gave that commandment to “Love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, I love the Creator.  And the the Scripture says “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.”  And I added to that “… everywhere they look.”  So I see God’s essence, God’s greatness, coming out of every human being that I have a chance to look at.

Farakhan married his wife Khadijah, formerly Betsy Ross, in 1953, and September 12 will see their sixtieth wedding anniversary. Tonight at 7:00 p.m. he addresses a gathering at Birds’ Isle in Belize City. He departs the country for the Bahamas tomorrow.

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