Minister of Education, Patrick Faber, discusses UB payroll audit

The University Of Belize’s Faculty and Staff Association has been very vocal regarding its dissatisfaction with the UB payroll audit. The association has maintained that the audit report, contains financial and managerial irregularities involving the Board of Trustees. The board issued statements in response, saying that  the payroll audit continues to be conducted by an independent external audit firm and that the audit report was only a preliminary draft. But the Faculty and Staff Association still called on the Minister of Education to directly address the matter. Today, in the House of Representatives, Minister of Education Patrick Faber praised the board of trustees and its chairperson as people of integrity. He then went on to directly address the matter of the payroll audit.

Patrick Faber –  Minister of Education:
vlcsnap-2013-03-01-19h11m28s149The audit was commissioned by the President of the University and was limited to two departments only. The reports on the results of the audit have not been finalized. Until that report is finalized, it cannot be used to draw any conclusions. Any suggestions, conclusions, inferences, purportedly from any report of the independent auditors would be premature, false and grounded in mischief. Indeed, on December 21st 2012, the independent auditors, Castillo Sanchez & Burrel wrote “We submitted a draft report to the President indicating our preliminary findings. The results of the audit cannot be used to draw any conclusions as it requires management input and follow up.

Independent Auditors Castillo, Sanchez, and Burrell sent a letter to the Minister of Education some four days ago. The Miinster said that any conclusion would still be premature.

Patrick Faber –  Minister of Education:
In that letter of just four days ago, the auditors stated very clearly “Based on our findings reached to date, we have not concluded that there existed any policy violations by the Board of the University. We have not concluded that there existed any instances of wrongdoing. We have not concluded that there existed any instance of missing funds of the University.

The Minister ended by saying that the board is involved as it should b ebut it does not interfere in the operations of the institution. He also said that he was advised that the board has not yet received the president’s response to the audit and so has yet to consider the findings of the report and so the minister says he sees no reason to disrupt their processes with Governmental investigation.

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