Minister of Education Talks About BRC Readers

vlcsnap-2014-07-01-23h04m57s244A few weeks ago Plus TV broke the news that Ministry of Education funds to purchase BRC Readers from BRC Printing were receiving a hefty cut of about $500,000.

BRC Reading Books have been in the school curriculum for the past 35 years, in fact most people can remember and even boast of growing up to BRC reading books.

Printing employs close to 40 people at Benque Viejo- the biggest beneficiaries of BRC Readers.

A few days later BRC Printing sent out a public notice to inform teachers and parents that BRC Printing had received a contract from the Ministry of Education for BRC books. However BRC Readers were not on the contract list. On Friday when we spoke to the Minister of Education Hon. Patrick Faber, he gave us an update on that matter”.

vlcsnap-2014-07-01-23h14m13s241Hon. Patrick Faber- Minister of Education

“On the matter of the BRC textbooks, the case is that we are not purchasing this year because we have an abundance of the books. but also we have been trying to indicate to the publisher that he must make the changes in the text books according to what the Ministry prescribes and not according t0 what he believes and others believes are best for education.  We are a customer and we buy what we see it is effective, and the issue has been that Deacon Cal and BRC publishing wants to dictate to the ministry what should be in these books and, we are a customer and we can choose whether or not we are going to buy from you”.


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